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Welcome to Dakhata Technical Academy

Immediate jobs available for welders abroad! Guaranteed placement within 3-6 months after completion of welding course. APPLY NOW!

Dakhata Technical Training Academy in association with ESAB India delivers an International level training courses in welding, fitting and fabrication, as well as technical assistant. The selected courses are aimed at students who want to acquire technical skills and apply them in their career, nationally, as well as internationally.

Esab India, which is a part of The ESAB Group (spread across North America, South America, Europe, Middle-East & Africa and Asia/Pacific) started its operations in the year 1987 and has been serving the Indian market ever since. Today, they are one of the leading suppliers of welding and cutting products in the country. Additionally, their skill development programs, resources and research and development departments have also contributed in obtaining a high ranking in the industry.

The academy provides a positive learning environment by making the sessions interactive between its highly experienced faculty members and the students.

The courses are going to make the students not only become skilled in their respective area, but also make them confident and diligent, which will allow them to produce high-quality job performance and become competitive in the market.

Upon successful completion of the courses, the students will get end-to-end placement employment assistance from its recruitment partner ‘Zedpoint Plus HR Consultancy LLP‘. The recruitment agency will give the successful candidates multiple employment opportunities in companies based in various parts of Middle-East and South-East Asia.